Watercolor Christmas Cards


Watercolor Christmas Cards


Its a beginner friendly class. So all you need is to be easy on yourself.


About the Class

In this beginner-friendly course, I demonstrate how to paint cheerful Holiday Postcards with Watercolors.

Forget about having prior painting experience, I will take you through the very basics of the watercolor; then we will practice painting different elements of Christmas and finally, we will use the same techniques and create four beautiful holiday Postcards/ Art pieces; perfect for holiday gifting to your loved ones, or using as wall art for brightening up your space for the holidays. You can choose from three provided ideas and follow along with the demonstrated postcard designs, or follow your heart and come up with your own custom design!

Happy Holiday Art!

Class Project

For your class project you’ll be painting your very own Christmas Postcards. You have the choice between following along with my demonstration or going with your heart and come up with your own design.

With holidays around the corner, these cute watercolor Postcards will be great for home décor and will make wonderful gifts for your loved ones!

I hope you enjoy the class!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who loves art and wants to create something beautiful.


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