Squares and Square Roots – Mathematics


Squares and Square Roots – Mathematics


The student must have taken and learned all the courses in our road map prior to this course.


In this course, you will learn what perfect squares and the square root function are and how to work with them.

The assumed prerequisites for this course are all the courses that come before this course in our road map.

To access the road map, please search for “greatitcourses” on the Internet. Once you get website, please read the page titled as, “Mathematics 6-12 Standard”.

To locate this particular course in the road map, you can find it under “class 8” with the title, “Squares and Square Roots”.

Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • Any one interested in mathematics or high school students who want to have a solid base in mathematics to a successful career in Mathematics, Science or Engineering.


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