Niti Manthan Online Summer Internship

Niti Manthan Online Summer Internship

????Internship???? Niti Manthan???? Online Summer Internship Program???? Commencement Date: 22nd April 2020????

Niti Manthan Summer School is hiring interns for Online Internship Program, 2020 which has been designed into 2 phases. The first phase (Phase-I) of the Internship program will commence from 22nd April 2020 and will entirely be a work-from-home i.e. online internship.

Description of Role:

Niti Manthan Summer School and Online Internship Program, 2020 has been designed into 2 phases. The first phase (Phase-I) of the Internship program will commence from 22nd April 2020 and will entirely be a work-from-home i.e. online internship. The projects shall be allocated to the student based on her/his choice and the interview scores. Project leads would be reviewing the progress on a daily basis through video conferencing. This phase would mostly involve doctrinal research and shall continue till 22nd May 2020.

The second phase (Phase-II) of the program would commence after the completion of the end-sem exams of the law schools or by the last week of July 2020, whichever is earlier. This phase, primarily, would be based in Delhi, and would involve doctrinal and empirical study, psycho-legal activities, lecture series and workshops. Those of the students who wish to continue e-internship in the 2nd phase, may be permitted to do so, after consultation with the project leads.

Students would be free to intern in either or both the phases. This shall be a non-paid research experience, with an aim to facilitate students with quality access and research skills. The project leads, who are mostly practicing advocates, psychologists and scholars have engaged themselves for the project on a pro-bono basis.


A regular student of law, psychology, sociology, political science, medicine or IT is eligible to apply. The learning affinity and a spirit for constructive research is a sine-qua-non.

Other Important Details:

The research projects are undertaken during Niti Manthan Summer School and Online Internship Program, 2020 would be under the following heads:

Psychology and Mental Health of Legal Professionals

Understanding the secondary and vicarious trauma which is experienced by the legal professionals. The mode of study would be doctrinal in the initial phase, and would subsequently involve series of interviews and workshops with the professionals. This understanding can be translated into something more tangible in terms of usage in practice. (Note: A student has to go through a separate interview by a practicing psychologist before being

Prison Reforms

This Project will focus on rights of the arrested person, both during the police custody period i.e. in the police station, and during the judicial custody period i.e. in Jails. The area of focus would be centered on psychological impact of punishments and varied penal laws on prisoners and study the scope of reformation in furtherance of first time offenders. The empirical part of the project would primarily be in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

IT laws, e-fraud and Cyber-Crimes (case study on personal sharing leak)

This project would be focused on familiarization of the Cyber-Crimes and identification of the investigation procedure pertaining to cyber-crimes. The projects main focus would be on the preparing a case study on personal sharing leaks over the internet and how the authorities tackle the same.

Medico-legal aid and curative sciences with the legal intersection

A dedicated research on the legal issues that crop out of medical functionaries; determining parameters of medical negligence, statutory compliance in the areas including Surrogacy and Abortion, Medico-legal reports, Post-mortem reports, Forensic sciences and filling the lacunae in the medico legal fora.

Media, Technology and democracy

The project would focus on the effect media and technology has on the democracy of a nation and studying how media trials are influencing the judiciary along with the decision making minds of the legislative to the extent of influencing minds of voters at time of elections.

Legal literacy project

When a person hears the word “legal education”, a picture of a lawyer/law student/court is framed in his mind. Legal awareness or legal education tells you about your prescribed rights and duties. It empowers you to demand justice and effective remedies. This project comprises of various activities intended to build public awareness in different sectors. It will be divided into doctrinal research during the first phase, and empirical work, including sessions with schools and other organizations from the second phase onwards.

Body offences

The project, in this internship phase, will aim to look for the blond spot of Rape Laws in India, specifically Exception II of the Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 – Marital rape. The work profile of the project will be to know the reason behind not criminalizing or made a ground for divorce, what will be the socio-legal impact of doing it. This project will have both, doctrinal as well empirical work.

Housing infrastructure

Understanding the disparities and struggles of the sector that is dependent on housing provided by the government in the light of prevailing legislations in India.

Infra accessibility for the Persons with Disability

To analyse the ground reality of the differently abled in terms of employment, equal opportunities, infrastructure and social inclusion and acceptance in the society.

Last date of registration: 20th April 2020

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