Mastering the Past Tense in English


Mastering the Past Tense in English


  • Knowledge about sentence structures
  • Those that want to improve their communication skills.
  • Something to take notes with.
  • Grasp of English grammar.
  • Sufficient English vocabulary to create your own sentences.


Welcome to my class, as I walk you through the English past tense and different ways it is used to articulate your thoughts and feelings.

I explained the ways to use contractions, “be” verbs, forming questions and sharing with your plenty of examples so you can form your own sentences and expand on the topics.

This course is for those that want to improve their English, learn it as a 2nd language and/or improve their communication skills in a professional or recreational setting.

Who this course is for:

  • Help with develop IELT skills.
  • Those who have a good grasp of the future tense.
  • People that want to learn English.


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