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MIDAS lab at IIIT-Delhi invites applications for different roles as mentioned-above for several interesting projects on NLP, Computer Vision, Speech Processing, Multimedia Computing based systems using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques.

About MIDAS IIIT-Delhi

MIDAS is a group of researchers at IIIT-Delhi who study, analyze, and build different multimedia systems for society leveraging multimodal information. MIDAS stands for Multimodal Digital Media Analysis Lab.

MIDAS IIIT-Delhi Work:

Our work at MIDAS includes Machine Learning, Multimedia Content Processing, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Multimodal Computing, Data Science, and Social Media Computing towards AI for Social Good. We believe in multidisciplinary collaborative research and work closely with eminent researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Georgia Institute of Technology, The University of Texas at Austin, National Institute of Informatics (NII), Bloomberg, SLTI, and others.

Requirements For Role:

Candidates having an excellent academic record and a keen interest in NLP, Computer Vision, Speech Processing, and Machine Learning research are encouraged to apply.

They should have excellent programming skills in Python. Experience with Scikit-learn, NLTK, Numpy, OpenCV, Keras/Pytorch/Tensorow/Caffe will be advantageous.

Opportunities at MIDAS IIIT-Delhi

  • Previous MIDAS students have published to conferences and co-located workshops such as AAAI 2020/2019, IEEE WACV 2019, ACM Multimedia 2019/2018, EMNLP 2018, ACL 2019/2018, WWW 2018, ACM CIKM 2019, ICASSP 2020, LREC 2020, ICWSM 2020, IEEE ISM 2018, NAACL 2019/2018, Interspeech 2019, ACM Hypertext 2019 and others.
  • Several researchers at MIDAS have also got the opportunity to attend these conferences and also got an overseas internship in Singapore, USA, China, Canada, Spain, Japan, and others.
  • Selected students may also get an opportunity to work with eminent researchers in the world such as Prof Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Prof Rajiv Ratn Shah (IIIT-Delhi), Dr. Debanjan Mahata (Bloomberg, New York, USA), Prof Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (IIIT-Delhi), Prof Jessy Li (UT Austin) and others on our collaborative projects.

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