How to Study and Be Productive – Plan and Routine (Part 1)


How to Study and Be Productive – Plan and Routine (Part 1)


  • Having a computer and internet connection
  • Optional: material to take notes


I’m a sucessful Portuguese Medical Student with a passionate interest in the areas of Studying and Productivity. I’ll be releasing some courses to help you improve your methods and studying skills, optimize your learning capacity and achieve the success you want!

This is the first one, where we will be introducing some concepts that should make you think differently about studying and develop an active and engaging approach. We’ll be discussing the importance of productivity, having a studying plan, setting goals, managing expectations, developing a routine of work and optimizing your study methods. I’ll also talk a little bit about my experience, my methods and my struggles, as I expect that can help you building your own methods and perfecting your journey.

Take your time through the sections, don’t rush it. Think about the subjects that we assess in each video and try to find ways that you can apply them in your study plan and routine. There are some quizzes along the way, to help you consolidating the ideas that we adress in each section. Take the quizzes and read all the answers. At the end of the course, there’s a downloadable PDF with the key messages to take home, don’t miss it.

I really hope this course can help you and that you’re able to become a better, more effective and more productive student by the end of it.

Who this course is for:

  • Medical Students
  • College Students
  • High-School Students
  • People who want to study in a more productive way
  • People who are motivated to learn


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