Free SEO Course For Digital Marketers

Free SEO Course For Digital Marketers

????Free SEO Course???? Price: $345 => $0???? 12 Videos???? 6 Sessions???? 76 Page Workbook Everyday Behavioral Science???? For Digital Marketers???? Create Great Offers????

Conversion live website is providing a Free course for people working from home during the virus outbreak, please become a data-driven digital marketer for free.

About Instructor

Brian has been teaching and writing about digital marketing since 2005. His company, Conversion Sciences has run thousands of tests on the websites of companies of all types and sizes. 

Today, he is an international speaker and teacher in digital marketing. Brian is the author of the Amazon Marketing Best-seller:

“Your Customer Creation Equation”

Conversion Science is providing a free course for people working from home during the virus outbreak, please become a data-driven digital marketer for free.

What You Get in the course

Setup Your Digital Lab

The tools that Brian and his team keep handy to create behavioural data and make good decisions.

Campaign Design in the Age of Abundant Data

How does the development process change when it’s easy to get data?

Collecting Ideas

Don’t let ideas die an early death. Here’s how you collect them, classify them, and evaluate them with data.

Live Critiques

We’ll practice collecting ideas by giving attendees some free consulting.

Become Friends with Analytics

Discover the seasons in your analytics data. Nail down the value of each conversion, trial, visit, and click that comes to your site.

The Rules of Behavioral Data

To use data, you must understand its limitations and when to use it in your decisions. Low-traffic and high-traffic optimization techniques.

How to Create Great Offers

The heart of every campaign is a great offer. Use data and analysis to discover the right offer and the right words to use.

Who MUST understand behavioral science and pursue this course

If you deal with ideas, drive online campaigns, or manage a digital budget, you must understand how to use behavioral data.

  • Digital marketers
  • Business owners
  • CMOS
  • Designers
  • UX Professionals
  • Copywriters

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