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Hi, guys we have come up with the very valuable information which can make your quarantine days effective.

Ahref Academy is providing FREE courses for Digital Marketers and Bloggers.

About Ahrefs Academy

Ahrefs Academy is one of best learning stages available on internet for digital marketing enthusiasts, bloggers and for learners.

What all you will learn in these courses?

Digital Marketing with Ahrefs:-

  • How to Use Ahrefs’ Tools?
  • How to Do Keyword Research and Topic Analysis?
  • How to Do Link Building and Backlink Analysis?
  • DIY SEO Audits
  • Other Actionable Tutorials

Blogging for Business:-

  • The compound effect of content marketing
  • Two major strategies of growing a blog
  • How to analyze the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword?
  • How to find great content ideas with high business value?
  • How to optimize your article for a target keyword and generate maximum search traffic with it?
  • How to create great content that promotes itself?
  • How to create link-worthy content (and stop worrying about link building)?
  • How to promote your content & make it rank high on Google?
  • How to build backlinks to your blog content?
  • How to build links & promote content via blogger outreach?

Who would be the trainer?

Tim Soulo (Head of Marketing at Ahrefs Academy)

A lot of learning and valuable information would be there in courses which you can use for your blogs, websites, content writing, and digital marketing.

How to Apply:


  1. Go to Ahrefs Academy by Click on the Apply Now button.
  2. Choose Any of these two courses
  3. Click on “Start” or “Get it for free” button.
  4. Start Your Learning.

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