Entering Investment Banking | Learn the Skills & Get the Job


Entering Investment Banking | Learn the Skills & Get the Job


  • We assume you are new to financial modeling so we take things slow at first before really getting into the technicals later on.
  • This online program reflects the training new analysts receive at the leading investment banks. It’s challenging, but if you want to demonstrate you are as good as the best in the industry then this is the course for you.


First, let me give you 2 facts.

Fact 1, the most common fee scale of an investment bank on a merger deal is based on Lehman 5-4-3-2-1 formula, this means 5% is paid on the first million dollars of the sale price, 4% on the next million, 3% on the third million, 2% on the fourth million, and 1% on the amount over $4 million dollars. For large transactions, the fees are less than 1% of the deal’s value, still a tremendous amount of money.

The 2nd fact is that taking a company public can also be very expensive. Costs vary, but can be as much as 10% on a $150 million stock issue, not including internal expenses, such as management’s time. Some costs are ongoing, like the cost of Securities and Exchange Commission compliance.

Who this course is for:

  • Recent Graduates, Final Year Masters Students, Finance Professionals Looking to Accelerate their Knowledge
  • Anyone who is struggling to break into investment banking industry
  • Recent graduates, final year masters students, finance professionals looking to accelerate their knowledge
  • Most versatile course suitable for anyone who is going to take investment banking and finance roles


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