Elements 1-3 Individuality, Faith, Passion


Elements 1-3 Individuality, Faith, Passion


A desire to grow and be your best self.


This is the first course in the 12 Bridges Back to You program, by Virenia (Nia) Peeples.

Elements 1-3 Individuality, Faith, Passion

This series is intended to inspire for 12 full months, allowing you time to dive deep into these concepts and give your full attention to each on a month-to-month basis before moving into the next element. You can purchase the series in bundles of 3, or you can buy all 12 together for a discounted price here on Udemy.

Element 1: Individuality

“Alive within the energy field of every single one of you is a light so abundant, so overwhelmingly alive, that to touch upon it would fill your longing heart.” Bartholemew, Reflections of an Elder brother

This is the first audio in the 12 Bridges Back to You program because Individuality is the basis of your diverse and personal greatness, genius, and happiness.

You will discover how to recognize and unearth your own powerful individuality.

  • Are you allowing your children, your friends and family, or even your job to experience the best of who you are?
  • What unique aspects of yourself do you wish to share with them?
  • What’s holding you back?

Element 2: Faith

As soon as we learn to trust ourselves, we will know how to live.”


Element 2 is Faith: Faith in who you are most naturally, most uniquely. Faith in who you are becoming and faith that within every circumstance lies an opportunity to move in the direction of your greater self.

  • Learn to identify your inauthentic ways of being and what it’s costing you.
  • Do you trust your gut feelings?
  • Learn more about the ever-flowing energy that supports your deep desires.

Element 3: Passion

“If you bring forth what is within you
what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” 
The Gospel of Thomas

Why is passion an important part of our lives? In taking responsibility for and listening to our passion, we allow it to lead us to our greater selves, opening us up to embody our happier, more powerful, and more authentic selves. Learn what it means to be responsible for your passion in life and how to listen to what it’s telling you.

  • Find ways to unearth and better define your passion.
  • What major addition to your life would make you deeply joyful?
  • What minor subtraction from your life would make room for that joy?
  • Elements 1-3 Individuality, Faith, Passion (Download, mp3 audio)
  • Elements of Life Workbook (Download, Printable PDF to follow along with the audio)
  • Forgiveness Journal (Download, Printable PDF)
  • The Sculptor (Download, Printable PDF)
  • Inspirational messages (Access to a private link with quotes and audio to inspire you daily!)

Who this course is for:

Anyone who would like to grow and be their best self.



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