airSlate Academy Certification Courses

airSlate Academy Certification Courses

airSlate Academy Certifications || Courses Business Process Analyst Automation || Architect Certification program

Digital Process Automation (DPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and no-code automation are relatively new concepts, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. airSlate sees its mission as democratizing these modes of business operation by highlighting their benefits and making their implementation accessible to all, especially non-tech people.

The first airSlate Academy students were business customers of airSlate itself. However, very soon after we realized that the Academy has the potential to reach a much wider audience of entrepreneurs, early adopters of various new IT solutions, and those looking to make a shift in their career development.

Now the airSlate Academy offers three certification programs and a range of shorter online courses covering the most cutting edge topics around business process automation and digital transformation.

All online courses offered at the airSlate Academy are completely free, accessible for all,and can be mastered at the student’s own pace.  

Who can get the most out of becoming an airSlate Academy student?

  • Project managers and department heads across all sectors
  • Freelancers
  • Business consultants
  • Software resellers
  • Business owners interested in digitizing their operations
  • Recruiters and HR managers, especially those involved in onboarding
  • Anyone interested in introducing a digital boost to their career

Certification Programs by the airSlate Academy

Automation Architect Certification Program

This program is designed for those who would like to simplify their day-to-day business operations and other complex processes. By studying this program, you will master the algorithms, tools, and analytics needed for automating the real-world business workflows.

The program is divided into three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – which carefully walk you through the entire process of full-scale business automation, from basic terminology and simple implementation examples up to the level of advanced integrations with CRMs and databases.

Each level has practical assignments and quizzes to ensure students are able to easily integrate the knowledge they acquire into their everyday business workflows.

Business Process Analyst Program

The program has been designed specifically for those looking to obtain a certification in business workflow analytics and to apply this knowledge towards minimizing the amount of time and money spent on routine processes.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Process automation for better business process management
  • Digital security and compliance
  • Analytics tools and metrics for business workflows
  • How to set up internal processes inside your organization and make sure they are productive

Apart from Certification Programs, the airSlate Academy also offers a range of shorter online courses to serve the digital interests of both businesses and individuals. The most popular courses are:

Automation Bots

Integrating Workflows with CRMs

Automation in Action: Industry Use Cases

Contract Management

Invoice Processing

The list of short courses is updated monthly. You can check the current listing HERE.

Apart from obtaining a Certification of Completion, every student of the airSlate Academy receives a special digital badge that they can post on LinkedIn and/or add to their CV.

Enroll Now and Build Your Career in Automationwith the airSlate Academy


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