27 Ideas to Start YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face Course


27 Ideas to Start YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face


You Should Have Access to a Computer and the Internet – create a Google account so you can sign up for a YouTube account – the willingness to learn!


Many people want to get started on YouTube and become a successful YouTuber. But many of them fear showing their face on YouTube videos and they have a fear of being on camera so they drop the idea of starting a YouTube channel for their fear of being seen on videos on YouTube.

Most people are afraid of showing their faces that’s why they avoid Youtube. However, you’re missing out on a ton of traffic. In fact, you really do not have to show your face. you can start doing this type of videos and earn a lot without even showing your face

YouTube is the perfect place to grow your own brand, drive traffic to your website, and earn money from YouTube ads and your product and service promotions. And this is the perfect course for you to start your YouTube Channel.

Whatever your motivation to start a YouTube channel, you’ve come to the right place. It’s the one place with everything you need to start creating professional videos that get thousands of views & subscribers, and ultimately make you money!

What you will learn:

1.) How to make money on youtube without using a camera, a microphone, your face, or your voice.

2.)TONS of niche ideas and examples

3.) How to make money with Affiliate Marketing across many different platforms

4.) How to create a passive income youtube channel

5.) How to create YouTube videos without showing your face

6.) Learn non-traditional methods of making money on YouTube

7.) How to grow your YouTube passive income with +10 profitable YouTube channels

8.) how to make money without recording any videos

9.) How to outsource and automate your YouTube channels cheaply so you can get all of the profit without doing the work, and build multiple channels and scale them!

10.) How to make money with your channels without using monetization, such as affiliate marketing!

11.) Where to find royalty-free videos and music for your videos

You will also be given access to all of the channels that I’ve created for you as a lab test channel. and I don’t mind you guys to recreate my high-performance videos, as I want to see your success and make some money on youtube as well. In addition, I will share with you tips and hacks, after I show you how to generate the videos. You will also have the ability to copy my videos and paste as well

As an added bonus, which will be worth the price of the course on its own, you will be given access to a special Facebook group that is dedicated to students helping each other grow each other’s youtube channels through giving free subscribes, likes, comment, views, and watch time to other student’s channels. This means your channel will grow extremely fast and you will reach the monetization review process in no time, because you will be given free subscribes, views, likes, and comments on your channel by other students! This is ONLY available to students who have purchased the course.

As an added bonus, I’ll also help you with your channel art and channel logo.

Who this course is for:

Anyone that fears to show their face on YouTube videos – Anyone that doesn’t have any fancy equipment – Shy creators – People who have other problems to be seen on Youtube – People looking for a way to make money online – People aspiring to make a living on YouTube – Anyone with a passion for creating – Anyone that wants to learn how to make money with videos online – Anyone that wants to turn YouTube into a Full Time Income – Anyone who wants to work from home – Anyone who wants to create and promote affiliate products – Anyone that doesn’t have any experience with videos or YouTube – Anyone who wants to create a second or third channel or even ten channels – Anyone who wants to receive a regular monthly payment straight from YouTube – Businesses, entrepreneurs, online teachers, actors, actresses, entertainers, teachers – Anyone that wants more freedom in their day to day life – Anyone of any age or ability – Those Who Want To Learn Exactly How To Make Money On YouTube Without Ever Showing Your Face! – Anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing – Anyone who doesn’t know more niches – Anyone who needs to have a focused channel – Anyone who doesn’t have skills – Who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and have been for months or even years


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